Surge Protection

Surge Protection | All Pro Electric Portland, OR

A power surge is an increase in voltage significantly over a designated level in a flow of electricity. The standard voltage in most homes and offices in the United States is 120 volts. Even brief energy spikes above 120 volts (nanoseconds) can significantly damage your electronic devices.

Most often, surges enter our homes and businesses over the utility power lines. However, many surges and spikes are generated from within the home. Generators in appliances such as air conditioning units or refrigerators flow additional electricity to a home’s electrical lines. The increase in technology now plugged into our homes and businesses increases the likelihood of energy surges. This abundance of technology also signifies an increase in the number of electronic items we want to protect from these surges.

Even if surges are not strong enough to destroy your electronic devices completely, the accumulation of mini-surges will take its toll over time – reducing the efficiency, performance, and lifespan of your electronic devices.

Power strips are not enough to ensure your devices are protected from energy surges. All Pro Electric offers surge protection services for your whole home or business. Call All Pro Electric at (503) 246-0361 or fill out our contact form for your electrical estimate today!