Hot Tubs, Swimming Pools, Spas & Ponds

Hot Tubs, Swimming Pools, Spas & Ponds | All Pro Electric Portland, OR

Water and electricity usually don’t mix – but we’ll make an exception for hot tubs, swimming pools, spas, and ponds! Professional electrical service is required to install or upgrade the complex electrical systems that run, heat, or light each of these otherwise electricity-unfriendly units.

Our team of professional electricians will determine whether your current electrical panel can accommodate the amount of electricity in your home or business needed to support your hot tub, swimming pool or spa installation.

We will then either install a sub-panel to your existing service or provide a full service upgrade. All Pro Electric will take care of the set up work – leaving you free to sit back, relax and enjoy you hot tub, swimming pool, spa or pond!

We look forward powering the luxury systems in your home or business. Call All Pro Electric at (503) 246-0361 or fill out our contact form for your electrical estimate today!